What Else Do I Read and Enjoy?

One thing I’ve learned over the course of my life on this side of the proverbial wormhole of existence is that there are many other talented writers and artists in the world. Some established and some struggling. I’ve been blessed to connect with a handful of them and have decided to create a new page on my own blog: A collection of the other things that I “like.” Here you will find links to other blogs, blog entries, authors et al that I have read that you may not know about, I continue to read and enjoy. Many have moved me, made me laugh, et cetera, et cetera. May they do the same for you.

Please, enjoy!

  • Damonza.com: Books Made Awesome. Damon and his brother Benjamin did the cover design and formatting/interior design for ENDWORLD – A NOVEL and their assistance and vision was second to none. I highly recommend them to anyone at that stage in the publication process.
  • Adventures in the Dark, a somewhat unconventional “Mommy Blog” that a good friend of mine from college and beyond maintains. Her perspective is not what you’d expect. Please, check her out.
  • From the blog “cnmill,” maintained by cnmill… well, pretty much anything she has on there but her most recent blog entry, “Far-Forwarding and Parenthetical Asides” is incredibly reflective of the process I went through to bring ENDWORLD -A Novel to fruition. Guess what, guys? That’s what it’s like. Seriously. Check her out and support her in her efforts.

More to follow as I discover and document them.


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